Custom Home Designs & Builds in Omaha, NE

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Basement Screen Fireplace
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Designing the home you want shouldn’t end with you settling for a home that fits someone else’s needs. At Next Generation Enterprises, we work with you to create a custom home design that’s perfect for you and your family. It does not stop here, if you need a professional service to buy or sell an existing property, our Real Estate Team can satisfy those needs.

Custom Home Designs

Deciding to design and build a home is a big decision for any home buyer. At Next Generation Enterprises, we strive to provide our customers with the flexibility to design a home that best fits their needs, not choose from cookie-cutter designs.

Residential & Commercial Real Estate Team

Our business has expanded to provide customer’s market expertise to buy or sell existing properties. We have the knowledge & experience to meet your short or long term needs.

Building Your Custom Home

After deciding on your custom home design, the building process begins. We’re in touch with subcontractors across various industries to ensure your home is built the way you want without the hassle. We work directly with:

Interior designers

Exterior manufacturers

Cabinet designers

Heating and cooling suppliers

Window suppliers

Fireplace centers and more!

Because we’re the direct link between you and the other subcontractors, we limit the number of people you have to manage during the building of your custom home. We also only work with subcontractors that we trust and have previously worked with.

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